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Amplify Your Manifesting by Harnessing the Power of the Moon.


Your manifesting is incredibly powerful

But have you ever felt like a piece was missing? 

Like you were missing something when it comes to your manifesting abilities? 

Using the power of the moon is the answer. 

Because it amplifies your manifesting. 


* You can move through your blocks quicker

*You can manifest your goals faster

* Live your dreams sooner

That's why my clients and I love these monthly moon experiences.

There are 8 phases of the moon, I focus on the two most common phases, New and Full Moon.  We work on clearing out blocks,  that may be preventing your manifesting and we set our goals and intentions with these phases of the Moon.

Your work with the moon can be endless, here's some wins my clients have experienced

* Manifesting a dream home in 2 weeks

* Breaking through a weight loss plateau. 

* Releasing a Past Life Regression

* Cutting energetic cords connecting them to things or people that no longer served them.

* Receiving guidance from spirit, archangels, guardians, guides, and goddesses.

What to Expect:


* Once you purchase you will be given a private login and will receive an email with a link to the private Facebook group.

* On the day of the event create a scared space, light some candles, sage, and Palo Santo if you have them.  Break out your crystals, oracle, and tarot decks.

* Takes place inside a private Facebook group so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home, come in your comfies, enjoy a nice bath with a glass of wine.  However, you are called to enjoy the ritual.

* It lasts about an hour.

* Be sure to have a journal and pen ready in case you want to jot down any AH AH moments or things you want to revisit later.

* You are welcome to post things in the comments if you are feeling called to or if you'd rather keep what you are working on private that works too.

* There is a replay so if you can't ever make one live you can always do it at a time that works for you.  The energy of these experiences lingers for a couple of days.

New Moon

When working with the new moon this is the perfect time to set your intentions for the month, write out any goals you may have, or a great time to start a new project.

In the New moon Experiences, we work on shattering those limiting beliefs that we hold for ourselves and what we think is possible for our life.  We set BIG intentions while releasing the pressure that we put on our goals/dreams/desires and create the space for those things to manifest.

I craft each experience for each new moon based on the season we are in and based on the intuitive guidance I receive.    


Full Moon

When working with the full moon, it is the perfect time to clear blocks, limiting beliefs, and letting go of things that no longer serve you. 

In the Full Moon Experiences, we work on clearing any blocks or hurdles that may be clogging your co-creative magic with the universe. 

There are sometimes things that you cannot see that are limiting your abilities to manifest.  

By clearing them, letting them go you are supercharging your magic, and who doesn't want more magic in their life?

I craft each Full Moon experience based on intuitive downloads for what is needed in that experience, the season we are in, and astrology.

This is exactly what I need!

I am ready to step into my full potential.

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Word on the street about

The Moon Vibes Experiences

Hi, I'm Lesley!

I help my clients manifest their dream life and business through mindset, energy work, and strategy. 

I am not your typical coach, we don't just spend our time together talking, we are actively working through blocks, cutting cords, removing things that no longer serve you from your body, and connecting to your higher-level self.

I empower you to use your Intuition so that you can create a life in business beyond your wildest dreams.

Fun Facts About Me:

~ I am a small town Mom of 2

~ I love a good Dad Joke

~ Most nights you can find me buried in one of my raunchy romance books.

~ My weekends are spent at the cottage when we aren't running the kids to hockey

Are you Ready?

Here's what I want you to know

* The things that my clients call in because of these experience is incredible.  The major blocks they clear and the amazing breakthroughs that they discover about themselves - are transformational.  I want you to have the same thing.

* Manifesting doesn't have to be boring and serious.  It doesn't have to be this intense grueling process.  Let's Have fun again and when you have more fun you manifest things ways quicker. I mean you could totally do this stuff on your own but why not have more fun with a group of like-minded powerful women.  It's a no-brainer!! 

* The energy inside these experiences is so expansive because we are all working on amplifying your manifesting power.  There is strength in numbers.

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