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Do you ever find yourself standing at the kitchen sink, finishing up the last bit of dinner dishes, starring off into space and thinking there has to be a better way?  But you don't have the energy to go any further with that thought.

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming, about who you used to be and find yourself wondering who am I now - while sitting down to enjoy a nice glass of wine, only to get interrupted by the sounds of your kids fighting.

Do you ever sit down to watch some Netflix and Chill, only there is no chilling about it because your mind never shuts down.


I can relate because I was there too.

I'm Ready to Tap Into my MOJO
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Hi, I'm Lesley

I have been where you are and I get it.

I have been stressed to the max, emotionally and mentally burnt out.  I would find myself standing at my kitchen sink, starring off into space and feeling like a Zombie.

I no longer felt like me.  I didnt know who I was anymore.

I was so deep down that dark rabbit hole  that I couldn't cope with anything else.

I began to realize that something needed to shift.  I needed to shift or my family wouldn't survive.

I wanted to bring in more joy, more love and more fun.  I knew that things could be different, that things could be better.

So I took the steps and started making the shift my family needed, that I needed.

Introducing: Tapping into your MOJO

My 30 Day course helping you learn to reconnect to yourself so you can manifest your dream life. 

This is a more self-paced, self-study style of program so that you can fit this in amongst your busy life. 


  This is the program where you get to have a sacred space just for you, that much needed time just for you.  Where you get to begin putting the pieces back together, bring in that positive energy and allow you to feel good again, whole again, too feel like you again.

If you have never done anything like this before this is a great place to start because it allows you to be supported by people just like you, wanting the same things as you, going through the same things as you.


There are 5 main Pillars to Tapping into your MOJO


Pillar 1: Body - Where we reconnect you back to you

Pillar 2 : Heart - We get clear on how we want to feel first

Pillar 3 : Mind - We align our thoughts with how we want to feel

Pillar 4 : Soul - We connect to our Intuition and Higher Self

Pillar 5 : Universe - We learn to trust and work with the Universe.


We are always working on all 5 pillars but sometimes one Pillar becomes a little more depleted than the others.  It can be like driving a car with a flat tire, it still works but not nearly as well as it should.

This is why we work on one pillar specifically each month to make sure each one is abundant thus bringing more abundance into our lives.  You get lifetime access to the course and you can come back to it at any point in time. 

If you want to find out what Pillar you are most depleted in, try my free Quiz - What is your Higher Level Self Trying to Tell You?

Ready to begin dreaming again?

Ready to start living your life with your heart, bringing in more joy, ease and whatever else you may desire?

Ready to begin listening to your intuition, listening to your own internal compass?

Ready to feel lighter, more clear and more peaceful?

You get to have all of this in your life. 

You get to feel good.

You get to live your dream life.

I want to get started.

The Program Includes

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Monthly Training

Each Month you will get access to a new video and workbook.  This will be our focus for the month.  Each month we will focus on a specific Pillar.

+ New Pre-Recorded classes every week.  So you can choose the style of class that fits your needs in the moment.

+ Live Virtual Classes Every Week.  So you can tap into the group energy and connection.

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Weekly Resources

Each week I supply you with additional resources and support to help keep us focused on where you want to be going.

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Facebook Community

A private engaging community to help you stay on track and get support from other like minded women.

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Monthly Q&A Office Hours:

You've got Questions and I've got answers.  Whether it is something that you are struggling with or something you want clarity on or anything in between, I've got you.

Ready to tap into your MOJO so you can start living your dream life?

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What people are saying about the program

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Is this program for you?

✨ This program is for you if you find yourself thinking that you could be doing something more but you just don't know what it is.  

✨ This program is for you if you have a deep inner knowing that there has to be a better way...a better way to live life.

✨ This program is for you if you crave a work life balance, crave freedom and have a vision but you aren't 100% clear on what that looks like yet.

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