Life can be busy, stressful and sometimes you can get lost in the shuffle.  I get it, I mean I really do.

If you do not take care of yourself FIRST, you won’t be able to be the best version of yourself

It’s just like they say on the airplane safety video put YOUR oxygen mask on first.  

Having the tools, support system and …. can help you get nourishment from your roots, allow you to stand tall, spread your wings and be your best self.

What do you need now? What are you here for? What do you want to start with?

…Anywhere you enter leads you home!

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Body (yoga)

Yoga can provide you with so many amazing gifts. Not only does it help stretching and strengthening but it helps develop self love

By allowing and listening to your body, you honour where you are at in the moment, loving yourself just as you are.  It’s not about the glory of the pose - listen to what your body is saying and honour where you are at.

It can change from day to day, even minute to minute. Some days you may be able to go deeper into a pose, another you may not; it is all perfect.

Movement (of any variety) also helps you to move through your "stuff".  When energy is flowing through your body, you are releasing the old and welcoming in the new and healing happens effortlessly

If you are feeling stuck in your life, do some sort of movement: put one foot in front of the other, take one step, and then another. 

Heart (coaching)

How do you want to feel each and every day of your life? How do you want to feel in your relationships, in your career, about your body; how do you want to feel in your overall health and wellness?

It can be quite easy to get caught up in the busyness of life, to feel the judgements of others, to let fear, doubt and the need to put others first, hold you back from truly letting yourself shine.

For example: If only this were different, your life would be “better”, or once the kids are grown you will find time for you again or look at so and so she has it all put together.

By changing your focus and realigning it with your heart you begin to see things in a different light.





Soul (energetics)

Your soul is the root of who you are, connecting everything together: physical, mental, emotional, past, present and future. It is your energetic blueprint, it tells your story.

Take a second and think of your mom, you get an image, or a feeling or a smell. You are instantly are connecting with her energy, her soul, not matter where she may be at this moment. You also have this same effect when people think of you or you even think of yourself.

We all have a combination of highs and lows in our life. All of which is perfect because those periods in your life have shaped you to where and who you are today.

“But I am not who or where I want to be right now”.

That is okay because it all came together to lead you here seeking change.

There are times when your energy can get bogged down or cluttered. The food you eat, your environment (people, places and things) or even just holding onto things from the past that no longer serve you anymore, keeps you stuck .

Let’s clear your energy so you can rise up from your mud and bloom like the Lotus flower you are.