grounded, centered, balanced, zen

Come home to your body, reconnect with the one thing that has always been there for you, supporting and holding you altogether no matter what.

Reconnect through movement, one movement at a time, one step at a time.  Nothing to worry about but just feeling how it feels to be you.

Consciously moving can help FREE up patterns in your body that may be keeping you stuck or allowing space to LET GO of that which no longer serves you, whatever that may be.

Yoga Classes


Purchase a 5 class for $60 or 10 class pass for $110 or drop-in for $15


Want to Join In?

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Online Yoga Classes

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Studio Classes

Currently being held Tuesday Evenings at 7 pm, 75 mins

Private Classes

Offering private 1 on 1 sessions

               Yoga – If you wanting to work on your technique or don’t like large groups, I’ve got you covered

               Facilitated Stretching – Let me do the stretching for you, sit back relax and enjoy