This is your spiritual maintenance.

Because your business goals are too important not to take care of the energy.


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If you are feeling stuck or, like you just need a tune up then this is the option for you.  Just like how your car needs a service so does your energy - clearing blocks and patching up leaks.

These sessions are customized to fit your individual needs.

Whether you have specific goals you are working towards...

What you need and want to let go of...

Or maybe you are just feeling off and can sense a disconnect...


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You are going to get exactly what you need out of this. 

We will get clear on what you’d like to work on and clear before your session. We can work on anything from business to relationships, health or manifesting your dream home. 

We can even work on it ALL, you don't have to limit it to just one thing. 

The beauty part is that no matter if we focus on one thing or many, it creates a ripple effect in all areas of your life.

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Now Let's Talk Business...


And how these sessions can help quantum leap your business.


You've probably heard of insider trading right?


These sessions are where you get the insider trading you wish you had for your business. It helps you gain a deeper understanding of what is going on in your business because, frankly, you are too involved in it to see everything, especially energetically.

Want to know what blocks are coming up?

Or are you having trouble connecting to your ideal client and want to get inside their head, read their mind or know what blocks are coming up for them?

Or are you needing guidance from the Tarot, your spirit guides or angels?


Book An Energetic Alignment

This Is The Secret Sauce For Your Business 

We can go through your business service by service, product by product.

Let me set the stage for you....

I walk up to the mall that is your business, are the doors open or are they locked?

When I walk into the atrium, how does it feel? This is where people come to build that know like and trust factor.

Then I go through each store (which is each product/service that you have) what is going on inside them?  Is there a constant buzz like lululemon or is it a dusty old vacant storefront? 

I will explore the back office and talk to the clients who are lined up outside of the mall .....

Because your clients are lined up to work with you... you just have to remove the blocks and open the doors.

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The Details...

These sessions are on average an hour long, are done virtually and you can either be on the call live or a downloadable healing session can be sent to you to do on your own time; this is popular for busy schedules.

They can be pre-booked for the year or on an as-needed basis.

Ask me how I can help keep your energy clear during a launch or special event for your business.  The recipe for success is 5% strategy and 95% energy.

Book An Energetic Alignment

These sessions give my clients

Sooo many intuitive downloads on what is needed in their business

Clarity around the next steps that they need to take.

And sparks of creativity on how to up-level their marketing.

My clients listen to their sessions over and over, gaining new little nuggets each time they listen.


Who is this for?

Examples of what people use my sessions for:

  • To feel more confident in their next steps, to be seen.
  • Fear of the future in¬†their relationship.¬† The unknown and playing small.
  • Connect to¬†their soul on a deeper level and remove doubts that are holding them back from growing their business.
  • Clear any blocks around¬†their business, showing up fully and getting clients!
  • The idea that creating, accomplishing feels hard and futile
  • To tap more deeply into their¬†intuition and take inspired action that welcomes in financial abundance.
  • Let go of indecision and self doubt
  • Aligning their mental and forward action energy into creating versus tending to ongoing, task oriented overwhelm.
  • Manifesting dream homes.
  • Clearing blocks around a weightloss¬†
  • The weight on¬†their shoulders - expectations they have set for themselves that are unrealistic
  • Allowing what needs to be released to be released.¬† Any blocks, fears, past traumas, ancestral stuff, anything and everything.

Available Packages

Single Session

$997 USD

  • Great if you just want a quick tune-up.
  • Perfect anytime you need it.

3 Pack

$2888 USD

Save $100

  • Great for continual maintenance.
  • Pre-booked for exactly when you will need them.

6 Pack

$5777 USD

Save $200

  • Schedule your sessions for the year, every other month.
  • Keep your energy clear.

12 Pack

$9970 USD

Get 2 Sessions Free

  • One session a month, keeping you clear all year long.
  • Deep dive into clearing those blocks and keeping them clear.

* Payment plans are available for the 6 and 12 packs.  Email me to discuss options, click here