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This is my courses and healings page, for those not sure where to start explore my programs below to find one that suits your needs.  If you have any questions or can’t decide send me an email and I would love to help.


The Energy of Your Business


The energetic mastermind/group program to help you connect to the energy of your business… so that you can finally have that income explosion, drop the hustle, scale your business in ways that feel freedom based and aligned with your dharma.

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1:1 Coaching

This is the program you have been waiting for.  Not only do we do the work with your mindset and strategy of your business but you also get energy clearing sessions on top of it.

We clear the blocks, repair the leaks in your energy and set you up for success with growing your business in the most abundant ways.

Clients come to my 1 on 1 world because….

  • They are searching for the answers from external sources, but know deep down the answers come from within
  • They are ready to stand in the feminine power and align their true desires
  • They are ready to drastically change they way they live life and create a ripple effect of transformation in every area of their life 
  • They are ready to match their inner self with their outer self
  • They are ready to tap into the overflow of abundance

When you hire a coach like this, your results happen quickly.

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Energetic Alignments

This is your spiritual maintenance.

Because your business goals are too important not to take care of the energy 

If you are feeling stuck or, like you just need a tune up then this is the option for you.  Just like how your car needs a service so does your energy - clearing blocks and patching up leaks.

These sessions are customized to fit your individual needs.

Whether you have specific goals you are working towards (Business growth, creative blocks, relationships, manifesting a house)

What  you need and want to let go of (Fear of stepping into your power, thoughts of not being good enough)

Or maybe you are just feeling off and can sense a disconnect (Procrastination in your business or dragging your heels before or during a launch)

We will get clear on what you’d like to work on and clear before your session.  You are going to get exactly what you need out of this. 

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Portal Activations

Can’t wait for an appointment? Need some energetic clearing on demand?

Portal Activations cover specific transformations to help you clear the blocks and remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in the moment.

All Portal Activations are downloadable and yours for life.

$197 per Portal Activation
Or Bundle Together & Save!
3 Pack $500 save over 15%
5 Pack $788 get one free

Or buy all 11 $2167 and get a lifetime library - meaning any new Portal Activations that are released are yours complimentary.

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