This is the program you have been waiting for. 

Not only do we do the work with your mindset and strategy of your business but you also get energy clearing sessions on top of it.

We clear the blocks, repair the leaks in your energy and set you up for success with the strategy work.

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My client's results move fast in this space.

Clients Come to My 1 on 1 World Because...

  • They are searching for the answers from external sources, but know deep down the answers come from within

  • They are ready to stand in the feminine power and align their true desires

  • They are ready to drastically change they way they live life and create a ripple effect of transformation in every area of their life 

  • They are ready to match their inner self with their outer self

  • They are ready to tap into the overflow of abundance 

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The Details...

3 or 6 Months of Coaching and Energy Work

Think of where you could go, where your business could be in 3 months from now.  

Where could your income be? 2x, 5x or even 10 x more than you are making right now?

  • Magnetizing your ideal clients to you effortlessly 
  • Payment notifications going off while you sleep 
  • Time Freedom baby - more white space in our calendar = more $ in your business

I find that just working together once or for a short period isn’t enough to create the transformation my clients are looking for.  In order to reprogram our beliefs and rewire our minds it takes consistency and playing the long game.  Garden’s don’t grow in a day but weeds can - so lets tend to those weeds 

Mini Coaching

2 1:1 Coaching Calls per Month

On-boarding Call: This is important because you get to lay everything out on the table with me, you talk about what is working for you and what isn’t.  You tell me how you are currently feeling and what you want to feel like instead.  You let me know of any roadblocks that you are facing.  You lay it all out on the table and you get to wipe the slate clean, to start fresh.  By doing this you are doing a line in the sand for what you are no longer available for and you boldly declare what you want and where you are heading.

You get exactly what you need in these sessions.  Each session will be different because I will be tapping into my intuitive guidance for you and your business.  Some sessions will be energy work, or mindset work, some will be strategy work and some will be a combination of it all.


VIP Coaching

Weekly coaching calls PLUS a VIP Day and Voxer access.

The VIP package is for the woman who is tired of holding herself back with her bullshit excuses that she gives herself.  She is ready to take action and is craving that transformation in her life and business. So these weekly calls are a game changer.

Voxer Support - (Mon - Fri) for the questions you may have in between calls.  Your support doesn’t just end when the call ends.

VIP Day -  Oh my god this is my favourite thing ever.  This is the vortex/portal to your next level, this is where you embody your business and see things in a whole new light.  We have a day of transformation, scheduled at the exact right  time when you need it the most.  This is where you really get to jump those timelines, quantum leap those results to the next level. 


3 Months

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6 Months

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