Portal Activations cover specific transformations to help you clear the blocks and remove the limiting beliefs that are holding you back in the moment.

Grab these activations so that you can get the energetic expansion you need over and over and over again

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Needing some clear boundaries around a certain thing happening in your life? -> Do the BOMB portal activation.

Lacking clarity In your business? -> Do The Mall Portal Activation

Finding yourself procrastinating from doing what needs to be done? -> You need to Flip the Switch Portal Activation

Need to find the balance between your masculine and feminine energy in your business? -> Do the Boss Portal Activation

Feeling the need to level up your game? -> Do the Elevation Portal Activation

Feeling Stuck? -> Do the Illumination Portal Activation

Holding yourself back with your limiting beliefs and fears? (conscious or unconscious) -> Do the Releasing Limitations Portal Activation

Need help from someone who’s been there and done that? -> Do the Higher Level Self Portal Activations

Is your money mindset holding you back? -> Do the Money Makeover Portal Activation

Ready to raise the freaking bar and bust through those ceilings? -> Do the Raising the Bar Portal Activation

Need to feel supported? -> Do the Unwavering support Portal Activation

All Portal Activations are downloadable and yours for life.


$197 per portal Activation

Or Bundle some together 

3 Pack $500 save over 15%

5 Pack $788 get one free

Or buy all 11 $2167 and get a lifetime library - meaning any new Portal Activations that are released are yours complimentary.


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